Handlebar systems



What is the special of our bags

Our handlebar system is waterproof, durable, modular and multifunctional. We pay atentions to avoid swaying the bag even when driving off-road Besides, our systems are able to attach additional cargo.


Modular systems are more practical in use. You no need to disconnect everything from the bicycle every time. It is enough to open the buckles and just remove the compression bag and the front bag. Because the handlebar system is modular you can use your bags, tent, sleeping bag, etc. instead our compression sack. Moreover, if there is nothing to put in the front removable bag, it is possible to put it off and use handlebar system without it.

One more bonus, a removable front bag is mounting on the handlebar separately, and becomes an self-contained bag!

We also thought it would be convenient to carry bags on ourselves and realized this idea using only front bag straps. Our compression bag turns into a shoulder bag . A removable front bag becomes a waist bag, a shoulder bag or a small backpack. This is very convenient, when bike travel alternates with walking tours, excursions in the cities, air flights. Even to bring luggage from the bike to the hotel room will be much more convenient.

Here is video about how handlebar system becomes in a waist and shoulder bag

All these options guarantee the widest range of using of our handlebar systems. From commuting cycling only with a removable front bag to expeditionary tourism and long distance trips, when handlebar system loading with an additional cargo

Video about how handlebar systems becomes in a waist and shoulder bag