Seat pack


We make seat packs from the smallest 3-liters to the huge 18-liters. We know how important to keep things dry during travel, so our seat packs are 100% waterproof. We like when the bags sit tightly under the saddle and don't wobbling, so we pay special attention to the fastening system.


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Handlebar system


We make different types of handlebar system. But all of them consist of three elements

- Harness

- Compression sack

- Front removable pocket



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Frame bag



WATERPROOF or weather proof
Full and half frame bags.

Custom for each frame.

Available in different colors.



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Rack top bag



Rack top bag for different type of racks


Buckles YKK





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Stem bag

Stem bag (feed bag) for almost all type of bars.


Very good bag for carrying small things like snacks, tools, medicine etc.
Weight only 66 gram. Volume about 1 liters
Our stem bags has termo properties because we put some insulation







Multiposition Roll


Roll that possible to attach to the tubes of the frame, or to the saddle, or to the handlebar. 
A lot of place inside for carrying pump, tools, jacket


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Winter gloves. Keeps your arms warm even in frosty and windy weather.

Available in different colors and for different bars


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