Self-mounted seat pack

Completely waterproof seat pack with fast and easy attachments to the saddle. 
Bag glued from PVC fabric. Which mean you can no worries about rains, puddles and you can wash your bike on the car wash with seat pack on it. 

Compatible with removable pockets and backpack strap

Available in two sizes:

  • 13 liters max
  • 18 liters max


Weight of the seat pack:

  • 13 liters - 480grams
  • 18 liters - 560 grams

Weight of the removable pocket about 50 grams

Weight of the backpack strap about 80 grams


We offer a lot of colors.  Here you can see palette



- seat pack with all attachments 105$

- removable pocket 12$ each

- backpack strap 10$

*Shipping price depends on country of destination but usually about 20$



Video about self-mounted seat pack